Waterfall Database

Welcome to the Ohio Waterfall Database!  This website is now updated and is an actual database finally.  This database currently contains 91 waterfalls, all located within the Buckeye State!

Huge thanks to Bill Fultz of Fultz Fotos for submitting ALL the waterfalls that are currently in the database.  His work made this possible at this time.  Also thanks to Jeff Burcher for allowing Bill and I to use a slew of his photographs for the database.  Unlike my other database, the Kentucky Waterfall & Landform Databases, this database currently has a photo with every single waterfall!  A huge testament to Bill and his hard work on getting them all submitted.  Do you know about a falls not in the database?  Well, head over here and submit!


Go check out the Waterfall Map!  Or search for your favorite waterfall, and submit it if it is not currently included.


Also to note, videos are included on some waterfalls.